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Visual Temperature Indicators
Custom Insulation Blankets
Insulation Materials
Pre-Insulated Tubing Bundles
Steam Tracing Bundles

Heat Transfer Products

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Flameless Catalytic Tank Heaters
Flameless Catalytic Glycol
Tracing Systems
Custom Catalytic Cores
Explosion Proof Space Heaters
Line Heaters
Thermal Fluid Heat Transfer Systems
Tempered Water/Glycol Systems 
Secondary Loop Temperature Controls Systems
Thermal Fluid Vaporizers
Electric Process Heaters
Electric Tank Immersion Heaters
Hot Oil Filtration 
Fully Designed Jacketed Piping Systems
Jacketed Spools and Fittings
Onsite Fabrication
Valve Repair and Re-Certification
Onsite Mobile Repair Shops

Meters and Controls

High Performance Meter
     No-Bleed, Non-Venting Control Valves
Roto-Boss Multi-Orifice             Meter Run
Vortex Meters
Coriolis Meters
Positive Displacement Meters
Ultrasonic Meters
Magnetic Meters
Turbine Meters & Totalizers
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Remote Power Integration

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Next Generation of Remote Power Systems
Heat To Power, No Moving Parts
Call to set up a Trial
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